Your Honor

By Dan Moore
Your Honor Online
Your author illustrates the clash between rules and laws compared to views of others who want to define “justice” in different ways. He also shows how good people sometimes get caught in that crossfire...

Dan Moore at http://danthemanforjudge.comDan Moore

has been a trial lawyer for most of his adult life. He believes those that describe a jury trial as a “search for the truth.” While some court trials are shown in this novel, the book tells about many people in the system, or close to it, who are neither lawyers nor Judges. Your author has seen that lawyers win some trials and lose some, but he knows that a full trial and a jury verdict are things that must continue as pillars of our court system.


The author holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Franklin College, a Masters Degree from Indiana University and the Juris Doctor Degree from the John Marshall Law School. He has served as a private criminal defense lawyer, public defender, appellate counsel in criminal and civil cases and also served a brief time as a deputy prosecutor.



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Your Honor by Dan Moore

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